Install CentOS 6

1. Boot your computer from the CentOS 6 DVD and press Enter on the CentOS 6 boot up screen. 

2. Choose Skip in the Disc Found window. This will skip the media test.

 3. Click Next in the welcome window.

4. Choose a language and click Next.

5. Choose a keyboard for the system and click Next.

6. Select the installation device type and click Next.

7. Specify the hostname and click Configure Network.

8. Select your network device and click Edit.

9. Check Connect automatically and click the IPv4 Settings tab.

10. Setup your network configuration and click Apply. Click Close in the Network Configurations window.

11. Select your timezone and click Next.

12. Specify a strong password for the root account and click Next.

13. Click Next in the type of installation window.

14. Select Minimal Desktop and select Customize now and click Next.

15. Select the following packages.

  • Legacy UNIX compatibility in Base Systems. After checking this package, click Optional packages and check telnet.
  • E-mail server in Servers
  • Web server in Web Services
  • Graphical Administration Tools in Desktops 
Click Next when you’re done.

16. The installation will now begin.

17. Congratulations, the installation is complete. Remove the DVD and click Reboot to proceed to configuration.

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