Installing MailScanner

1. Install the EPEL repository package.

2. Type in the command below (in one line) to install the required dependencies for MailScanner.

yum install  perl-Archive-Zip  perl-DBI perl-DBD-SQLite perl-Filesys-Df  perl-Net-CIDR  perl-OLE-Storage_Lite  perl-Sys-Hostname-Long perl-Sys-SigAction perl-MIME-tools

3. Download the latest stable version of MailScanner for RedHat, Fedora and Mandrake Linux at

cd /tmp
tar -xvzf MailScanner-4.84.5-3.rpm.tar.gz
cd MailScanner-4.84.5-3/

If the RPM "mailscanner" won't install happily, then you could do

./ nodeps

and it will ignore the fact that the Perl modules were not installed
using RPM commands.

6. To test MailScanner, use the command below.


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