Mail Server Setup Guide for CentOS 6

This article will show you how to setup an email server accessible using a POP3, IMAP or web browser client. It will also show you how to include virus scanning and spam tagging in the mail server.

How to install Linux

1. Install CentOS 6
2. Setup CentOS 6
3. Configure CentOS 6

Optional Server

You install it or not, it's up to you. In my case, i used this server for MailWatch (MailWatch for MailScanner is a web-based front-end to MailScanner).

1. Instll Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin

How to install SMTP, POP3, IMAP and Webmail service

1. Install Postfix with SMTP-AUTH And TLS
2. SquirrelMail Webmail for CentOS 6
3. Firewall Configuration for CentOS 6

if you want a web-based interface to manage your mail accounts. Then you can install Webmin

How to add antivirus and antispam filtering

1. Install Clam Antivirus(ClamAV)
2. Install MailScanner
3. MailScanner, ClamAV, Postfix and Spamassasin intergration.

you can check:

a. /etc/postfix/ (for more option of postfix configuration)
b. /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf (For more option of MailScanner configuration)

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